Tuesday, September 18, 2007

LISSA Kick-Off Party

The Kick-Off Party was awesome and so much fun!! We ate a bunch of food from burgers to really plump hot dogs to vegan burgers to some fancy chicken concoction that Shaneka made. Very fancy! We also talked a lot upon such subjects as: Harry Potter, national security at the borders, the effectiveness and morality of vaccinations, the beautiful dogs in attendance, and more I'm sure. What did you talk about at the picnic?

Needing Lazerow Volunteers

Hi everyone,
LISSA is assisting with the Lazerow Lecture event being held Thursday evening, October 4 at the UNT Denton campus. Thus, we are seeking volunteers to help. It's a great way to meet people, and the speaker, Dr. Dervin, is well known in the LIS world. Email us at untlissa@gmail.com if yout want to help with the following:

Volunteers needed:
1. pick up of speaker to and from all events October 3 and October 4- Dr. Dervin has difficulty walking and will need assistance. Prefers a car rather than pickup or SUV. She also needs a ride to Denton from the airport on Wednesday afternoon, October 3.

2. assist with set up of reception (nametags, anything Dervin needs) and lecture - I think she is bringing some literature and handouts from 4:00-5:30

3. assist with keeping reception food and drink supplied 5:30-6:30

4. clean up of reception food, dismantle 6:30-7:00

5. assist with afterwards to get everything back to car and to SLIS 9:00

There will be fun and education for all!!