Professional Associations

Looking to get involved with professional associations?

1. Make sure you're a member of TLA and ALA. Joint membership is available at a discounted price!
2. Present a project at All Schools Day and receive faculty feedback. These projects can then be submitted to professional conferences and to UNT's Graduate Exhibition in March (which awards cash prizes for top projects!)

3. Apply to be UNT's Student to Staff representative at ALA's annual conference. Details about the program here. Details about the application and selection process will be available on Blackboard.

4. Check out the ALA Student Member Blog here and the New Member's Round Table Student and Student Chapter Outreach committee's blog

5. Volunteer to serve on a committee for ALA (Deadline: Nov. 7th, 2014. Term begins July 1, 2015) or TLA

6. Attend a District, State or National conference. The district meetings for TLA are coming up soon this fall! Districts 5 & 7 are having a free, virtual meeting on Oct. 18th. See their website for more details.

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