Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Second Post

Sorry about the belated post.

On Monday night the UNT LISSA officers had a meeting in the SLIS Village chat room. Amanda Montgomery had accepted a new job and could no longer act as the UNT LISSA president. I, Michelle Morris, became the new president. The blog will now be handled by Anna Perkins the UNT LISSA secretary.

The next face-to-face LISSA meeting will be on September 25, 2008. We hold a LISSA chat in the SLIS Village every other Monday at 8 p.m.; the next chat will be on September 22th. Also, on Wednesday, September 24th there will be a tour of the UNT Rare Books Room. The Rare Books Room is on the 4th Floor of the Willis library on the Main UNT campus. It’s a wonderful special collection that includes Texana and miniature books. It will a busy week for LISSA and we hope you can attend.

Monday, September 1, 2008

First Post of the Semester

So how has the first week of classes been? Easy? I hope so because around midterm (Oct.14), it gets rough.

Well, as U.N.T. Library and Information Sciences Student Association (LISSA) Co-Vice President, I hope you have a good year. This year LISSA plans to offer tours of libraries, talks with professionals in our field, online chats in SLIS Village, and the usual meetings. I’ll update the blog every Monday and some Wednesday or Thursday s (usually after a LISSA meeting or event).

Things have been a bit hectic this semester because SLIS is combining with Department of Learning Technologies to become College of Information, Library Science and Technologies (, and then there is the big move! Of course, the “big move” refers to the fact that SLIS has moved out of the ISB building (in the middle of campus) and onto the spacious Research Park campus. Research Park used to be a Texas Instruments manufacturing plant, but now houses UNT’s College of Engineering, Computing and Information Technology Center, a library, a computer lab, the lovely Jazzman Cafe, and tons of parking!

UNT LISSA’s Student lounge is on the second floor, as are the classrooms and faculty offices. LISSA meets on the second Tuesday of every month. Feel free to drop by for a meeting or e-mail the LISSA website.