Tuesday, March 13, 2007

All School Day Update

Hi everyone!

We've been working hard on All School Day so here's the latest information:

Date: April 21; 9-3:30
Theme: Playing the field - different kinds of libraries
Place: tentatively we're in the business building on the UNT Denton campus, but keep an eye out for updates. Once everything's settled we'll post all the info.

If you can help we still need volunteers to help with registration & set up, which would be on 4-21. We also need someone who could ask around campus (or wherever) for donations of pencils, pens, and a door prize or two. If you're able to help please email Sarah at sen0027@unt.edu

We'll post more updates as we get them, so please keep checking here and in the Village. :)

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Adrianne said...

Thank you to all who volunteered and participated in this semester's All School Day! Also, thank you to all of our guest speakers! Please look for photos to be posted soon!