Monday, November 5, 2007

All School Day - Final Session

Albi Assmann, SLIS student, provides us with the following commentary on the presentation of Beth Avery, Head of Research and Instructional Services at UNT:

Beth Avery talked about why assessment is essential to providing good service and gave examples of simple but effective questions when determining whether patrons' needs are being met. She recommended limiting the number of questions being asked and asking patrons contrasting questions about their visits such as, "What did you like best about being in the library today?" and "What did you like least?" Of the many good ideas she offered, I will probably use this series of questions again and again: what did I tell you that I didn't need to tell you; what did I tell you that surprised you; and what do you want to know more about. Beth also talked about the new design and traffic patterns for Willis Library.

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